Friday, October 30, 2009

Melding Mediums for Movement

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Searching online for short films that are already posted on the Web and are freethought related has been a lot of fun for me. It certainly does not feel like work! Because there are so many different subject possibilities for this niche, the film links that I have so far selected to put on the Freethought Film Festival Foundation Discussion Forum are as diverse and unique as freethinkers themselves.

Promoting the core ideas of freethought such as reason, critical thinking and freedom of inquiry, has been primarily accomplished through print, lectures and debates. While many freethinkers enjoy reading and attending conferences, many—quite frankly—are uninterested in Ingersoll and ID debates. They are not necessarily any less cerebral than the aforementioned, but their brand of freethought may be entirely personal and reflected in their everyday choices…sans Darwin fish and Hitchens books. It is likely that many have never even heard the term “freethinker”.

As much as Academics may cringe, it must be acknowledged that freethought ideas will reach a much, much broader audience through arts and entertainment. Freethinkers who are currently active participants in the freethought movement should embrace a melding of the past and the present and support the creative and artistic expression of reason as well as the publications and seminars.

Visiting some of the links to the short films that have been posted in the FFFF Discussion Forum and the FFFF Facebook page, will result in a better understanding of the artistic expression to which I am referring. Often this expression can be subtle and symbolic, and for those who prefer their philosophy in black and white, this angle may not always be appreciated. Fortunately there are freethinkers of all sorts who can not only appreciate equations, atoms and primordial ooze; but also appreciate the more whimsical, artistic and diverse creativity of the human mind.

Andrea Steele

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