Saturday, February 27, 2010

FFFF Advisory Committee

The Freethought Film Festival Foundation is in the process of forming an advisory committee for the International Freethought Film Festival. As our focus is on the creative and artistic expression of freethought ideas through film, the committee will comprise of individuals with experience in the film industry and an understanding of the vision behind the International Freethought Film Festival. At this time, we have two members on the FFFF Advisory Committee; with more to be announced in the coming weeks.

We are pleased to announce that Brian Keith Dalton, of Lazy Eye Productions—whose popular Web series, Mr. Deity, is widely known throughout the freethought community— has volunteered to be on the committee. James Harris, of Shameless Films, is also on our FFFF Advisory Committee. He is based in the UK, and some of James’s films have been shown on BBC, ITV, Sky TV and at film festivals world-wide. He is also a comedian and has written for the BBC. Also on the committee is LaRae Meadows, a movie reviewer; and Tracy King, who runs a busy marketing company in London, UK, works for skeptic organizations, writes for Skepchick, and is the producer of the much anticipated Tim Minchin "Storm" movie.

It is exciting to have these creative (and witty) minds to give their input on the planning of the International Freethought Film Festival. We look forward to adding to our committee and collaborating with others who also have a passion for independent films.